Jaws Training Materials

Freedom Scientific offers extensive training information on Jaws at their Training and Certification page.

Surf’s Up – How to surf the Internet with Jaws and MAGic website

The following links will download and install training files that can be viewed in FSReader.

FSReader is the free DAISY player that installs automatically with Jaws.  These files are also available as MP3 files on the Freedom Scientific Training Page

JAWS Basic Training Introduction and Overview
Starting JAWS, Setting Up Hot Keys, Startup Wizard 
User Interface and Program Group
Reading Commands and Cursors 
Help, Online, Screen Sensitive, and Keyboard
Saving Settings
HJPad Exercises, Cut, Copy, Paste, Spell Check, Find and Replace
File Explorer In Windows 8 
Surf’s Up, Surfing the Internet

Freedom Scientific offers both free and paid webinars to provide training on Jaws.

The webinars are listed and constantly updated on the following pages:

Listing of upcoming and archived Free Freedom Scientific Webinars on Jaws

Listing of upcoming and archived Paid Freedom Scientific Webinars on Jaws


Quantum Reading Learning Vision Webinar: Introduction to JAWS and the Internet