There are several Agencies in Vermont and New Hampshire that provide services to people with Visual Impairments.  There are several National Organizations of and for the Blind.  Many have affiliate chapters in our region.

Training videos on eye anatomy and assistive technology can be viewed at the  New Hampshire Department of Educations Professional Development Center.

Vermont and New Hampshire are both fortunate to have LISTSERVs linking people with interests in Visual Impairment.

Some useful sources of information on what is currently happening in the field of assistive technology are the Top Tech Tidbits from Top Dot Enterprises, which offers assistive technology news and reviews, and for technology news and product reviews.

EASI, Equal Access to Software and Information, offers Podcasts, webinars and Online trainings on assistive technology.

The Library Section of the web site exists for the documents that I’ve found helpful to have access to.  This is where to find information on Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, the details for what can be mailed “Free Matter for the Blind” or how U.S. Copyright Law deals with modifying materials to make them accessible.

Looking for information on designing accessible web sites?  Hopefully these links will make life a little easier.   How to design accessible web sites.

From the mouth of a ScreenReader” is a two part series from Doug Geoffray.  In these videos he discusses the evolution of screen readers.

Directions for me is a web site which offers accessible product packaging information.