Large Print Programs

Large Print Programs are used to magnify computer screens.  There are programs that can magnify the screen between 1x to 2x, and from 2x to 16x.  Some programs also offer voice output.  Large print programs allow the user to magnify any “standard” program.

Mac OS X includes many accessibility options.  The magnification options allow the user to magnify the screen, and invert the color combinations for a white on black appearance.  Speech output can also be turned on to read alerts, selected text and text underneath the mouse.

The Speech output program in the Mac is called VoiceOver.

The VoiceOver manual is available on Apples web site.


There is still the occasional use for screen magnification for the DOS operating system.  One program is still available for these needs.

MAGic for DOSFreedom Scientific – A few years ago, Freedom Scientific discontinued the MAGic for Dos program acquired from Microsystems Software.  The program is now free, but no technical support is offered.  MAGic can magnify at the following levels 1.2x, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10x.  Contact